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Eaton 30KVA Transformer

ATTENTION: Subject to sale only in the Washington, DC metropolitan area

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Eaton 30KVA Transformer

480 Delta 208Y/120

Brand: Eaton

MPN: V48M28T30


Type: Dry Type Distribution Transformer

Design: DT-3

Coil Material: Aluminum windings

Frame: 912B

Frequency Rating: 60 Hz

Phase: Three-phase

Primary Voltage: 480V

Secondary Voltage: 208Y/120V

Tap Size: 2 at +2.5% FCAN, 4 at -2.5% FCBN

Temperature Rating: 150°C

Volt Ampere Rating: 30 KVA

Weathershield: WS38

Weight: 257 LBS

Eaton 30KVA Transformer

SKU: V48M28T30
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