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“Grounded in Tradition. Connected to the Future.”  

Founded in 1927 by Maurice Lessans, Atlantic Electric Supply is a family-owned and operated electrical distributor that applies deep industry expertise and business acumen to develop solutions for our clients’ electrical challenges.


Now in our third generation, we have sustained a perennial reputation for exceptional customer service, responsiveness, attention to detail, reliability, integrity and old-fashioned courtesy. Electrical solutions have changed over time, but these time-honored values are the bedrock of our success.

Much more than a wholesaler of electrical parts, Atlantic Electric Supply partners with our clients on solar, EV charging stations, and lighting upgrade projects. We coordinate with the installers and utilities, manage the necessary paperwork, and ensure that our clients secure every available incentive.


Our staff approaches your electrical, energy and lighting needs from a project management standpoint. So whether you are an electrical contractor, home builder, property manager, or DIY-er, we will get you the best price, and we’ll be with you throughout your project - from start to finish.

Value-added services

Atlantic Electric Supply is honored to participate in the associations that serve our clients and the electrical industry.

Our mission and guarantee

We’re in good company

Atlantic Electric Supply will continue to be one of the premier electrical distributors in the Washington metropolitan area. Our knowledgeable and efficient staff will provide outstanding service to our clients. We will accomplish this by wisely implementing technology, through continual training and development of our associates, and by maintaining high expectations. We will seek constructive criticism and foster a dynamic environment of continual improvement.

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